Sunday, October 25, 2009

saturday night riding and thirst quenching

lastnite ben and i drove to downtown miami and rode into miami beach. it was a nice night for riding and pretty uneventful until i got a flat on my back tire, whose tube i had just changed that afternoon. luckily, right before we stopped at fritz's and bought a spare tube.
we were able to make it to la sandwicherie and i changed my tube there while enjoying a smoothie. we stopped at love-hate tattoos to say what's up to my buddy jimmy and then rode back into downtown where we hopped in ben's car and drove up to ye olde falcon pub in davie for a few pitchers and some very delicious chicken wings, which we devoured like a couple of chicken hawks, or whatever other animal tears through a plateful of wings in minutes...perhaps a mighty large football fan. a pretty uneventful night of riding and hanging but good nonetheless.

our bikes tightly secured to ben's car

on the corner of alton and 16th waiting for our turn to cross

my coffee at la sandwicherie which was in desperate need of heavy amounts of sugar but only cos i'm used to drinking cuban coffee from sarrussi or chuchi's in hialeah that is sweet as fuck

ben adding loads of sugar as well

"steve's got the crazy eye"

once again our bikes tightly secured for the way back

ahhh...first beer of the nite

and the fourth pitcher of the nite right before wings. no pics of those as i wasn't trying to waste time with pictures whilst tasty wings were in my vicinity.

it was also a nite of awkward conversations with strangers as we told a new waitress at the pub that we thought caning should be allowed in schools as a way to treat A.D.D./A.D.H.D., ben being more and more of a creep as he drank more beer towards another waitress that he's known for some time (but p.s. she enjoyed it) and lastly amusing ourselves with 2 off duty pompano cops, basically ragging on their job and the fact that one of them cleared the room with a fart. nice guys tho. hopefully one of them will come into the shop for a tattoo (yes rita, we hustled).
sorry for the lack of posts. been busy working and whatnot. hope everyone reading this is awesome.
ride on!

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