Monday, July 27, 2009


anyone that truly knows me knows about my affinity and borderline obsession for this particular number. today being the 27th, i'd figure i'd share some things about it.

this past week, in new orleans, the number 333 came up 3 times in the course of 2 consecutive days. 27 is 3 cubed. which is to say 3 x 3 x 3 = 27, what is referred to in mathematics as a perfect cube. this morning i woke up and immediately looked at my phone to see what time it was and it read 9:27. thats just a couple of the many examples that this number plays in my daily life.
i know what your probably thinking might be thinking i look into this way too much and your probably right. but nonetheless, it is what it is.

thank you to Mike Giant for this.

this i took in sweden some years ago.

H.L.A. - happy 27th! xo

au revoir, nawlins'!

it was fun but i'm glad to be back. the drive back was longer than getting there but we had a break as we stopped for the night in jacksonville to hang out with my good buddy Lee. i drank quite abit so no pics, unfortunately. he was gonna tattoo me the next day but we were both somewhat hung over so i guess next time.

here are the last of the pics. enjoy.

we spent 12 hours a day for 8 days here.

ok folks, this is the sweetest bike i saw in all of new orleans. it belonged to a guy we worked with at the shop.

so sweet!!

he ordered the engine and just attached it to a bicycle frame. apparently top speed is 35 mph.

the side car was fabricated from junk parts he found on the street and in his backyard. can you imagine showing up to a critical mass ride on one of these? you just might see me do that one day. i'm definitely into this.

thank you new orleans for having us. it was good times but im glad to be back in the 305/786/954. hope everyone is well and has a sweet week...
ride on!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

NOLA pt. 3

...and continuing the chronicle of our adventures in NOLA...

bana-nina. reminds me of a girl i went to middle school with.

tastes like all the other champagne sodas from around the world. its got a sweet name tho. those darn clever dominicans!

thats all for now.
don't forget next friday is critical mass. its gonna be a long ride. about 25 miles. check out the miami bike scene blog for more info. we'll be back in town by then. wear your party boots. ride on!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

new orleans part 2

been pretty busy lately but here are some photos to catch up on my doings.

the next day after getting here our friends PTW were playing in town so we went and hung out with them.

phil with the worlds biggest can of bud (he wishes).

brad in his knickerbockers...

...and cleaning out his belly button before the show. super shitty, i back it.

thats them on stage, i promise. i just hate being that dude taking pics at a show so i opted for no flash.

the crowd was lame but they played well regardless. i was into it.

after the show we went into the french quarter and ate at this place.

i had an alligator po'boy. for those that dont know what a po'boy is, i didn't, it is a traditional submarine sandwhich from louisiana. it pretty much always consists of meat or seafood, which is usually fried, and is served on a baguette-like french bread which is what differentiates a po'boy from a sub or grinder. louisiana french bread has a flaky crust and a soft, airy center. alligator was pretty tasty. abit salty tho. i ate half and traded rod for half of his shrimp po'boy. a whole one would've been too much.

the next night we stayed at the royal street courtyard bed and breakfast. this house was built in 1859. probably the oldest building i've ever slept in.

the bathroom had elevated floors. probably for pipes.

this building was the slave quarters back in the day. now its rooms 13 and 14.

outdoor hot tub = cesspool of bacteria.

interesting little tid-bit we picked up on while staying at this bed and breakfast, apparently they use a plant called chicory out here to add to coffee. some drink it instead of coffee. new orleans locals claim that this plant has many advantages over coffee. it is used to treat many ailments and is not caffeinated. i personally like the caffeine in coffee, and the taste, so i won't be switching anytime soon. that and i've also had my share of experiences with boiling plants and ending up at the hospital hallucinating for 2 days so no thanks. nonetheless its still interesting so i urge you to read up on it.

shellby's house aka where we're staying. thank you shellby.

where i sleep.

biscuits and gravy from envie. they have great coffee and also brew chicory.

jambalaya, mustard greens and corn bread. mmmmm.....

mardi gras bike. sweet frame tho.

lots of long necks out here.

so many people get there front wheels stolen out here. lock'em up too.

thats all for now. more to come.

ride on!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the bayou

rolled into new orleans yesterday. left at 6:30 am. drove all the way. got in at 6:30 pm central time. not bad i guess. had to pee alot on account of the 16 cups of coffee i had.

florida is a boring ass state to drive thru. this is pretty much it. zzzzzzz....

so we skip right to our destination.

this was our exit...

...and we were immediately in ghetto-like surroundings.

this corner was bumping. i like the dude sitting on the public phone. priceless.

Lil' Wayne performed here in november. i guess he shut the place down.

they have trollies here. 

we'll be here for 2 weeks so theres definitely more to come. can't wait to do some riding in the big easy. stay tuned.