Monday, May 3, 2010

been a while huh?

sorry about that. but rather than waste your time with a bunch of lame excuses, cos thats all i got...lets face it, im gonna say that i missed this place and cos of that im gonna put forth maximum effort in my normal routine to update this here blog. so please forgive me and come back and maybe bring some friends with you. but i guess that all falls on me, doesnt it? im ok with that.
so most recently i was able to get away for a few days, well a week to be exact, and i decided to go to new york city. i've been there lots of times before, even lived there as a kid and as an adult, but its been a while (like the last time i updated this thing hence the title of this entry) and i had to meet one of my closest and best friends, jessica's son auden. lets talk about this for a i show up to they're apartment in williamsburg, get buzzed thru the front door and this 2 and a half year old kid is waving at me and saying "hi steve" from the top of the stairs wearing only a short sleeve button shirt. no pants, no diaper...nothing. i thought it was the funniest thing at the time and envied him for his complete sense of freedom and not being ashamed to be hanging out like that, even on a cold new york night. he talks like crazy, he loves tom and jerry which he calls "kitty, mouse", apparently he like lady gaga alot, he loves metal, loves mary poppins, loves this song, doesnt eat meat, cant say the word truck so he calls them fucks, likes to play drums, knows how to use an iphone better than me and loves to take pictures.

speaking of pics, here he is along with some that he took himself. enjoy.

he's showing me "kitty, mouse" here. btw, "kitty, mouse" has always been one of my favorite cartoons.

i think here he expressing that he was over his mom's iphone and wanted my camera.

he's gunning for it

with baxter...

...whose an old buddy of mine

and my new buddy

he got his hands on my camera and took this of his mom

and of his dad

then we went to the mccarren park for a picnic

and he snatched my camera again

i got it back eventually

after a visit to the ice cream fuck...i mean truck

yup, he basically doesn't give a fuck

the kid's got a natural talent for photography but he's gotta learn not to put his dirty ice cream riddled fingers on the lens. from this point on the rest of my pics have this hazy, dream-like look to them which i happen to think is actually pretty cool. who needs filters.

ahh bellinis. my new favorite drink. i had about 6 of these at a little bistro called lokal next to the park. mmmm...very delicious. the drinks, i didn't actually eat there but i'm sure the food is good.

afterwards jessica and i got a coffee and chilled by the water

it wasn't foggy its just ice cream fingers

it looked cool, i don't know...we were a little drunk.

apparently theres someone in willy b that puts up these cool old time mustache guys

pretty sweet

sword chick too

with shaman

i liked this cat too. sorry its sideways but you'll deal cos thats what you do.

what blog entry would be complete without some bikes?

the williamsburg bridge from bedford ave

spiderman and a gorilla chillin' outside on a rainy big deal.

who doesn't like skulls? especially bearded ones.

ghost bike in front of the bowery ballroom. bummer. please be careful out there.

shit! he wants my camera again!

thats it for now. i got more so stay tuned. i promise it won't be long. in the meantime....

...ride on!

Friday, December 25, 2009

basel basil basilica basilicata

i like taking pictures...merry x-mas all....