Wednesday, October 7, 2009


well the time has finally come when i have to put yet another pair of shoes to rest. this is no ordinary pair of shoes tho (i say this about almost every pair i put down). the thing is these shoes and i have been through alot in the 2 years i've had them. for one thing this is the pair of black slip-ons that made me decide i was only ever going to wear black slip-on Vans (i might sport a pair of all white classic shoe lace ones too every now and then, but mostly all black slip-ons).

i've had many pairs of these very same shoes and one day while sitting in front of the shop thinking to myself how i've owned so many of these very same type of shoes, i decided i was going to make the conviction once and for all of only wearing these type of shoes for the rest of my life (or for as long as i can help it).
what do you expect? i'm all about simplicity. i take pride in that. whats more simple than the same type of shoe forever? not having to fuck around at the store looking and trying on new shoes. "you got these in black in 8.5 or 9? BOOF i'll take'em! now lets get out of this shitty mall and get on with our lives", cos that's what i'd say. they go with everything. they're easy to clean. no tying laces involved. they're comfortable. they're classics now and always will be. great for bike riding (the rubber sole helps get your foot in that toe-cage, right mario?). they look sweet on my feet. what else is there? i'm into it. i've committed to this. can't commit to a woman or many other things but a pair of shoes...i'm in.
this particular pair and i have been through alot. where to begin? well, for one i remember when i first got them. it was on warped tour 2007. as part of that tour your allowed one pair of free shoes. these were my one free pair. i think deep down inside i knew then i wanted only to wear black slip-ons so i tried to get another few pairs (they were discounted) but they never stocked my size for the rest of that summer. what a bummer!

i had another pair that were on they're way out back then (see above photo) so i didn't actually sport these til after summer. (quick side and strange note about the above mentioned pair, they use to make my left foot sweaty. not so much my right but only my left. weird right?)
anyway, i've walked all through this north american continent in this most recent pair. they were with me throughout the first year of my apprenticeship. they were with me through my first year of riding a fixie too. these are milestones, man! suffice it to say i've had pretty sweet times in these shoes. i've also had some pretty shitty times in these shoes as well but thats just how it goes. all in all, i will miss them. but like all good things, and everything else under the sun, the end has come.
this is no ordinary ending tho. to me this particular pair of black slip-on Vans was so epic, i feel that they deserve to be inducted into the halls of Valhalla. i feel as if i should have a ceremony for them to be laid to rest, nothing short of a kings burial. like i should build a small boat and ship them off to sea and just as the tranquil waves are pulling them far from shore, i shall light the tip of an arrow on fire and shoot it up in the air so that it may come down into the little boat and burn this magnificent pair until it is swallowed up by the ocean's vast nothingness.
perhaps i will simply stuff them into a corner of one of my parents closets and resurrect them again one day when you least expect it. very much like Jesus, with a few minor exceptions. knowing me, that would be most likely what i'd do. although the boat idea sounds pretty cool and it'd be a good reason to finally drink mead.
either way, i have brought out my fresh new pair of black slip-ons, which i got about a year ago once again anticipating, what now seems like, the almost inevitable commitment of wearing this one particular shoe for always. they are new, clean and, like me, are primed and await new adventures. bring it on, sancho!!
so whatevers on yer feets...ride on, junkyard dogs!

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  1. I know how you feel. I have a pair of pink converse high tops that I got about 4 years ago for Xmas. Those shoes have been EVERYWHERE with me. They came with me the first time I went to NY. They came with me to the Philippines and Hong Kong. They are not down for the count yet, but soon. I don't think I have the heart to let them go.