Monday, June 29, 2009

6/28 ride

this past sunday the BSRC crew set out on a nice, chill ride from vizcaya metrorail station tomatheson hammock park and back. it was a great ride even tho we got rained on on the way back. actually, i got rained on. everyone else managed to make it to shelter before the rain started. i lagged behind and stopped to take a picture of a pretty cool looking jewish temple when it just began to pour. i wasn't even able to get a good pic but i was able to put my camera back in my bag before it got damaged from the rain and then began riding again, as i thought the rest of my group was doing as well,  because i didn't want to keep them waiting. come to find out, and much to my dismay, they were all waiting, not exactly dry but not drenched like i was, under an awning in front of a pizza joint in the grove. how nice for them! to be honest tho, i felt like a kid again. i was reminded of a specific moment in my life when i was much younger and my cousin and i rode our bikes thru almost knee deep puddles in the rain. this was when both our families lived in the moors almost a stones throw away from eachother and we got to cause alot of mischief together. those were very good times. and most of them on bikes. hmm...go figure.

getting to the okeechobee metrorail station at 9 am.

over the shoulder pic. whose got skills?

i like this pic alot. although i almost busted my ass after taking this.

at matheson hammock we swam in the little inclosed man-made beach/lagoon.
it felt great to be in that water after riding abit but i could've done without all the mushy seaweed at the bottom.

i made a scary face at this kid and he ran off crying for his mom. lil' bitch.

we had a picnic after our swim. mmm...these breast we're pretty delicious. lets get real...most breast are.

you see, mario agrees.

bowtie pesto salad...your so good and reasonably priced too.

yikes, so much for our picnic.

i almost bailed here too. look at the scared expression...hahaha.

this really nice dude at Boardwalk Tavern Pizzeria let us hang out back until it stopped raining. thanks, buddy.

my poor vans are holding on for dear life as it is and now they got soaked. bummer.

patti's just hanging out, being big deal.

nerding out on their bikes. its ok. after i took this pic i joined in.

bikes get really dirty when you ride in the rain.

we called it a day...

...and omar showed me how a real man eats a phallically shaped fruit...

...and we noticed this oxymoron at our exit.

thanks to everyone that rode and contributed to the fun on sunday. i look forward to doing it again next week, hopefully without the rain.

ride on!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


we're bloggin' son!!!!

hello all!
i never thought i'd do it but here i am being a hypocrite yet again. i'm not even part of this whole facebook craze yet here i am manning a blog. yikes! next thing you know i'll be posting bulletins and announcements on facebook and myspace. FYI-my bike has a myspace page which means i have a myspace page, who am i kidding?
anyway, this blog will serve as a platform to inform participants of upcoming weekly bike rides of the black sparrow ride club. not only that but i will be posting pics of past rides, thoughts and observations regarding biking (and life in general), reviews of best places to ride your bike, rants on south florida drivers, fortunes i get from fortune cookies, pics and comments of my friend's sweet bikes, delicious eats in the tri-county metropolitan area...basically whatever i feel like and whatever comes to mind. hopefully it will make you laugh, cry, think, ponder, get out and ride or just keep you entertained enough to make this site a part of your daily web surfing experience as you sit at your desk and eat your lunch...after you've checked your facebook and/or myspace accounts that is.
stay tuned for more.

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ride on!!