Saturday, October 10, 2009


today, being another sunny and beautiful day here in south florida, i decided that we should talk about one of my favorite reasons to wake up before the sun goes down...clouds.
there are basically 4 common types of clouds. those being stratus (low clouds), altostratus (middle clouds), cirrus (high clouds), cumulus (clouds w/vertical development). here in south florida i've noticed we have mostly cumulus clouds which are basically puffy and look like floating cotton. this cloud group is pretty low, usually 350 ft. above ground, compared to cirrus clouds being around 20,000 ft. above, which from the looks of it now is what we have going on today and they generally mean fair to pleasant weather. these clouds usually appear to be thin, sheetlike in formation and often cover most of the sky.
actually, in retrospect and as i look to the west, there appears to be what looks like altostratus clouds which are usually made up of water droplets and are sometimes rolled out in parallel waves. the appearance of these clouds on a humid summer day, like today, usually means thunderstorms may occur. this is why south florida skies, in my opinion, are so unique. i've been to a few places in my time and although there are definitely other beautiful skies elsewhere, south florida definitely has some pretty specific ones.
i'm not really sure tho. i'm no meteorologist. i just enjoy looking at clouds and imagining that they're shape looks like a certain animal. its abit of magic that i retain from my childhood. keeps me young at heart.
here are some pics i've compiled. enjoy and look up every now and might see something cool. or you just might decide i'm a fucking nerd. either way, you can't lose.

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