Sunday, November 15, 2009

friday the 13th

hello. been a minute. sorry for that. but here we go.
friday was the 13th. the last of the year and not another one until august. it turned out to be a great day. i don't know about this bad luck thing that people say is suppose to happen on friday the 13th. there wasn't a psychopath guy sporting a hockey mask trying to kill me, i didn't get hit by a truck, bird's didn't shit on me...nothing bad happened. on the contrary i did some tattoos (which b/c of i made some money), sold a painting, hung out and drank with some friends, got tattooed by rita and saved a kitten from the streets by taking it home and making it my new pet. awesome fucking day! i heard on NPR that morning on the way to work that a shitload of americans don't leave they're house on friday the 13th, not even to work or school, b/c they're afraid of what "bad luck" may befall them on that day. i ask you...are these the same people that crowd churches on sunday and pretty much run our country?
anyway, here are some pics...

rita applying the stencil on my leg

there it like my sweet socks?

getting it in there

this made me realize that i up until now, i had never been tattooed by a lady before. no particular reason why just hadn't happened. i gotta say i was abit ashamed of that. i'm making it a point to get a piece by a lady tattooer soon.

there's this piece of flash by mike malone that's a dagger with a banner that says "never hit a woman" which i've been wanting to get for some time now. that would be properly done by a lady, huh? lets go, rita!

there it is! good job, rita.

this pic'll be in a book someday. you wait and see.

rodrigo's rita tattoo

tattooing albert

and there it is

so there has been this little kitten thats been hanging about the parking lot of the shop for a couple weeks now but it wouldn't get near. it would just watch us from afar and meow us to death. whenever one of us would try to approach it to try and feed it or pet it would run away. on friday however i managed to finally feed it some rice that i had leftover and even grabbed it but it clawed and bit me so i let it go. after that, and the rest of the night, it would hang out real close to the front of the shop and give out this group of tremendously sad meows. but once again when one of us would try and get close it would run away. at the very end of the night i was once again able to grab it and this time it didn't fight me. we found box a few storefronts down and then made a makeshift house for the poor kitty that looked like this:

it stayed in the shop that night and the next day, with the help of rita, we bathed her and i took her home. BOOF! thats it! i have a pet. we named her lucky lucy on account of it being friday the 13th and her getting off the streets and cleaning up her act.

this is her not at all happy after a bath. i wasn't happy either. she peed on me.

still not happy and i stink like cat piss. gotta love that

she's doing well adapting to her new home and seems really healthy for being a street cat. i still gotta take her to the vet for a check up sometime soon. i'll post more pics soon. stay tuned for fun times with my new buddy, lucy.

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