Monday, October 5, 2009

day off today

today is my day off. so far its been glorious. tea at 7:30 am, 2 mile run and exercise, shower, breakfast, got blood taken out of me, went to the main library in downtown ft. lauderdale, some lunch, gonna do laundry later, maybe draw abit or work on my lettering, perhaps a documentary after dinner and then read some more Moby Dick before bed. damn!!! this is the life...the life of a fucking nerd that is. oh well, someone's gotta live it.

cafe con leche and toast w/cream cheese for breakfast. notice i spilled some coffee...i'm kinda messy. check out my mom's sweeeeet china. pimpin' in the morning, player! and i made the cafe con leche. that milk is frothed from the lil thing on the side of the coffee maker that heats the milk...thank you very much.

thats my mom loving her coffee and fine china.

this is patti, my brother's ex-wife. she's abit of a clown. i love her for it.

making a fist

and whammo!...ketchup anyone?

all done. the nurse was laughing at me and thought i was a weirdo for taking pics.

mid-day traffic

botanica/pet shop in front of hialeah schwinn. does anyone else find this as funny as i do? a one stop shop for all your santeria and pet needs, including sacrificial animals. in case you don't know what a botanica is check it out here. basically its a store that caters to the voodoo or santeria religion.

p.s. i haven't ridden my bike in over a week. i know...i'm the worst. i guess thats what happens when you get hit by a van and the flu in the same week.


  1. Yeah man, I was bummed you didn't ride with us Yesterday, it was great and we even had lunch at Pura Vida!! Get back on the horse baby!!

  2. its my theory that the "petshop" is just a front so they don't get shit for selling live animals...but then again I never went inside the store. They might have kibbles and bits dog food!