Saturday, September 12, 2009

yet another experience i wouldve missed had i not had a bike

lastnite ben, patti and i went on a very sweet bike ride from downtown/wynwood area to the grove. the weather called for scattered thunderstorms and cloudy skies but luckily we got no rain whatsoever during our excursion. upon arriving at the grove we decided that, as none of us had eaten dinner, find some place where we could grab a bite. we agreed on getting a smoothie instead of an actual meal cos we didnt want to be too full to ride. so we rode on to the smoothie king and ordered 3 medium smoothies. i got the acai adventure, which i fully recommend. ben and patti got the pep upper, which they dont recommend (and does not have pepper as one of its main ingredients) as after a few sips and a lengthy debate they decided to see if they could exchange it for a different kind. the guy who worked there was super nice and made them new ones which they were totally pumped on.
while at the smoothie king this dude with a messenger bag rolls in to get a cliff bar. after he pays he comes around and asks about our bikes. we began to talk and turns out he rides too. awesome. he asks where we riding to and we tell him we're just cruising and invite him to ride with us (another reason why more people should ride bikes; it makes you incredibly friendly to complete strangers. and, if you ask me, we can all stand to be considerably friendlier to other people we dont know).
so i get to chatting with arthur a little more and then all of a sudden it clicks that i know this guy. well not know him, per say, but know of him. turns out he is the author of a very amusing blog, i think so atleast, that i was reading on a regular back in june until he slacked on updating it so i gave up on it. its called i really hate miami, which on the title alone i was sold because well, who doesnt hate miami? at least alittle? or maybe alot?
anyway, this was amazing because just this very past week, while riding back from the beach on the venetian from getting a smoothie at juice and java (yup, im a smoothmin), i was thinking "hey whatever happened to that blog 'i really hate miami'? its a shame that kid slacked on it, it was pretty funny. if i ever meet that guy im gonna give him a piece of mind, WTF!" well, lo and behold, i did and i didnt even know it until i asked him if he had lived in miami all his life and he said yes with such disdain that i immediately knew.
it was glorious! he was amazed that i even knew about it, much less read it, and i proceeded to tell him "WTF dude! update that shit!". which he has and apparently i gave up on it too soon. so check out arthur's blog sometime if your bored or whatever. turns out hes a nicer guy that i wouldve expected by his rants and apparent disgust with certain things that are miami.

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