Wednesday, September 9, 2009

me and a navel piercing...yeah, seriously...

so yesterday for the sake of oscar's, our shop's body piercing apprentice, education i agreed to let him pierce my navel so that he can get a hang of it. boy, let me tell fucking hurt! and funny enough, i was pretty nervous before. it was totally worth it for the pics tho and at least now when a customer asks me if it hurts i can look at them in the eye and honestly say HELL YES!! that and i got to help our apprentice get one step closer to making a little extra cash.

before the ordeal.

making sure its straight.

im pretty nervous here. look at my face. shits serious son!!

ooof...this sucked.

oh its real, buddy.

super sexy pose. shitty looking.

oscar admiring his work.

yup, its on there alright.

its a navel piercing on a dude, no big deal ladies.

and no, i didn't keep it on. im not gonna lie i did consider it since halloween is around the corner and all but no.
so if anyone has anything they'd like to get pierced please come by the Black Sparrow Tattoo and help oscar out. he did a real good job and either rita or myself will be there to help him out. so spread the word if you know of anyone that wants a cheap piercing by our apprentice oscar.

by the way, today; 09/09/09 = 27. get into it!

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  1. sweet, now all you need is a sonogram and you're practically a woman.