Tuesday, September 1, 2009

girl power?

this past friday was the critical mass ride and as usual it was loads of fun. francis took a spill early on in the ride tho. take a look:

oooh...the elbow...ouch...

her knee too...

by the way, i include these on the blog not to make fun but to give credit to her for being a mega-trooper and getting right back up and continuing on the rest of the ride. way to go, tour de francis!

heres her smiling even after the ride was through

and just for the record, her accident had nothing to do with ben. he wasn't even anywhere near her when it happened. he's pretty accident prone and if he's not falling then he's making someone else fall. they don't call him Crash for nothing i guess.

and while on the topic of women that are, or were, doing it i'd like to bring your attention to Mrs. Abigail Adams, the second first lady of these here united states. i started watching the John Adams mini-series that came out on HBO last year. she was his wife and mother to John Quincy Adams who became the 6th president. read abit about her here. what i find most interesting is that even in those times when women had virtually no rights whatsoever, and were merely expected to take care of the household and raise the children, she played an active part in the shaping of this country. one of the ways that she did so was by her constructive criticism and sound advice that she offered to her husband in matters of politics and business. what's equally as impressive, for that time, is his humility at seeking such advice from her. and why shouldn't he? she was his wife afterall.

ride on and read on, peeps!

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