Monday, September 7, 2009


the other day some of us at the shop got LTD tattoos. for those of you not hip to it, LTD = living the dream. get into it!!

getting in there...ouch, dude!


tattoos f*%@ing hurt! i don't care what anyone tells you.

get into my point of view...kinda like Being John Malkovich but not really cos my name is not John Malkovich.


good job, 'teeks!

like i said they hurt. here we have albert saying so while emphasizing the "ur" part in "hurt".

gotta make sure they're in there.

and they are in albert's fingers.

and its only proper i show one i did on ben some months ago.

so thanks for reading again. i urge you all to live your dream, whatever it may be, and as always...ride on!!

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