Monday, July 13, 2009


ok, this is me apologizing for slacking on updating this blog. what can i say...i've been lazy, i guess. anyway, i plan on filling you in with the goings ons so lets begin then...
last sunday's ride took us to key biscayne. we planned on riding the metrorail to vizcaya but this really annoying guy got on who started playing the worst spanish music on his shitty phone and was talking to his friend about the night he had spent drinking big glasses of "whikee" (as if anybody really gave a shit. quick side-note: i happen to find exceptionally astonishing how most people in south florida, when in public, think that other people within ear range want to a) listen to the same whack-ass music they listen to, and b) listen to whatever bullshit topic of conversation they decide to engage in with their companion at a level of volume that is offense and contributes to the already massive noise pollution that surrounds any major city. end side-note) and the train shitting down at government center forced us to ride from there to key biscayne. all in all it was a pretty sweet ride totaling up to about 25 miles all together. here are some pics:

yeah so i took photography in high school and think im some sort of amateur what?

pretty wide bike lane, beautiful scenery, access to the ocean...key biscayne gets a thumbs up.

what wasn't so thumbs up was the ride i did afterwards from there to hollywood. to be honest it would've not been as bad if it wasn't for the heat. we're talking afternoon sun, son! brutal! otherwise it was pretty legit. 30 or so miles mostly on biscayne blvd all the way. being that it was sunday wasn't so bad either. i'm sure any other day it would've blown due to the idiotic flow of traffic but surprisingly enough i didn't once fear for my life. by the time i reached hollywood blvd it started raining and let me tell you...what a blessing that was. atleast up until what was a light rain turned into a thunderstorm and the drops were hitting so fast and hard that my eyeballs felt like they were being pelted by tiny arrows. not good so i took shelter for abit then finished at sheridan and 43rd. i was pooped. no pics of that ride. i just wanted to get it done.

this past friday we rode from hollywood to hollywood beach to downtown ft. lauderdale and back. abit over 30 miles in total. not a bad ride. seemed like we were gonna get some rain at the end there but it passed us over as if we were a 70 year old stripper. downtown ft. laudy was bumping (i guess as usual for a friday night) and so at first i was not into being there in that mass commotion of frat dudes and club chicks, all trying to only get laid, daunted in their goin-out clothes and fragrances. but, after some convincing from 2 sweet ladies i had the pleasure of riding with that night, i made the most of it and after my first shirley temple i was loose as a goose. however i will say that long bike rides and mexican food followed by an iced coffee is not the best combo in the world. i thought i was gonna have to clean vomit off my handle bars or feces off my crank later on that night for a second there. whoooo....that was a close one.
no pics from this ride as i am still a novice at all this blogging and forgot my camera. bummer.

i didn't forget my camera yesterday on our sunday ride from vizcaya station to north beach (normandie and 71st). so here we go:

peep the earrings. Die Slow! so heavy.

photo class baby!

a very delicious snack...get into it!

our destination

photo skills, son!!!

taken while riding without looking. what, what!!

after i ride i like to sit in a stinky, dirty chair someone threw away and reflect.

i don't know this guys name but lets call him hobobob. we met him outside of publix. he wanted 3, patti's Bad Brains t-shirt and my bandana.

he said he was punk and to prove it showed us he was wearing "old skool" vans. he kept trying to sing Bad Brains, Minor Threat and Dead Kennedys songs for us, which he did but would forget lyrics and mouthed instrument parts instead. he also gave us the horns with both his hands several times but could only extend his index finger on his left hand cos he was holding his change. he then proceeded to tell us he had followed Phish around the country for awhile and we said he wasn't punk but a hippie, to which his response was to show us his Butthole Surfers tattoo on his back. i still say hippie but whatevs...hobobob's a funny dude.

this morning i woke up at 7:30 am to catch an 8 am ride with my friend john. he's a real experienced rider and i must admit i was abit intimidated at first cos i wasn't sure if i was going to be able to keep up on my fixed. once i saw that i was able to (im sure he took it easy on me) the ride became much more enjoyable. we rode from hollywood to ft. lauderdale beach and back. it was a sweet ride. i must remember a few roads we took cos they were really nice to ride on, especially along the airport. no pics of this ride either. it was a fast-paced ride and i figured i wasn't gonna slow us down anymore than i had to. about 27 miles in total. not bad for a couple of hours on a monday morning.

well thats it for now, players. hope you enjoyed my ranting and chatter. more to come as it unfolds.
as always...ride on!


  1. What? No faceless kitty pic? Whatever!

  2. Wish i would have been there! Next time dudes.