Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of july...fuck fireworks!

here are some pics from lastnite's independence day bbq at the rushka's. if your expecting to see some pics of fireworks you've come to the wrong blog. sorry, i happen to think its boring. i used to hate it when i was a kid and my parents wanted to take me to watch the fireworks at a park or whatever. they seemed to be excited by them so i never had the heart to tell them but i figured they would've guessed it by the shitty expression on my face. i guess i've just always had shit face. sweet...

what bbq would be complete without hot dogs?

the "man" always barbeques.

view from the back yard. how serene. minus the mosquitos, of course.

zoe not so pumped on me taking a pic of her.

but way pumped on her beef dog swimming in a sea of ketchup.

this little guy turned 5 the day before so he deserves to have more pics of him. here we go...

happy birthday, nick!

little omar. this kid is pretty hilarious. just look at him.

mmm...paleo diet...arghrrr!!!



this is just too good not to post.

this beer was pretty tasty...although to mari it tastes like a hot dog. trust me, it doesn't.

hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of july. lets not forget what the true meaning of this celebration is all about. so, like the maxi-pad, stay free!
and of course, as always...ride on!

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  1. very nice my friend! and yeah that pic of rod is priceless!