Monday, July 27, 2009

au revoir, nawlins'!

it was fun but i'm glad to be back. the drive back was longer than getting there but we had a break as we stopped for the night in jacksonville to hang out with my good buddy Lee. i drank quite abit so no pics, unfortunately. he was gonna tattoo me the next day but we were both somewhat hung over so i guess next time.

here are the last of the pics. enjoy.

we spent 12 hours a day for 8 days here.

ok folks, this is the sweetest bike i saw in all of new orleans. it belonged to a guy we worked with at the shop.

so sweet!!

he ordered the engine and just attached it to a bicycle frame. apparently top speed is 35 mph.

the side car was fabricated from junk parts he found on the street and in his backyard. can you imagine showing up to a critical mass ride on one of these? you just might see me do that one day. i'm definitely into this.

thank you new orleans for having us. it was good times but im glad to be back in the 305/786/954. hope everyone is well and has a sweet week...
ride on!!

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