Tuesday, August 11, 2009

weekend recap

omar, patti and i went out on a ride sunday nite through downtown and miami beach. here are a few pics:

patti got some new wheels, handle bar and stem...pretty sweet

Pura Vida makes bomb smoothies. check'em out if your ever in their 'hood

riding thru south pointe park at dusk

we also had "bike movie nite" at omar's house on saturday. we saw the flying scotsman, which turned out to be a pretty kick ass movie and is based on the true story of cyclist Graeme Obree. not to be confused with this flying scotsman tho.
we also saw the documentary B.I.K.E. that tells the story of a guy trying to join the black label bicycle club in new york city and the tallbike subculture. this was an interesting film that was both funny and sad. i would say that even if you don't usually ride bike you would still enjoy this film. its more about people and the rebellious moral values that they hold than about just a bike club and they're bikes. i was into it and it made me want to ride. yesssss!!!!
i guess thats it for now. be safe on those streets, whether your driving a car or riding a bike.
ride on, friends!!!

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