Thursday, August 6, 2009

"let me ride"....

howdy ho, friends!
sorry for the delay in updates. i admit i have been slacking. but no more. so here we go...
in thinking today that i needed to update this blog i was sorta stuck on what to write about. then after much contemplation and deliberation i remembered that while driving back from NOLA with rod we were jamming to a particular record and i thought that it was soooo good that it deserved to be praised on this here virtual platform of opinions and rants by yours truly. what record am i speaking of, you ask? why non other than "The Chronic" by Dr. Dre of course! hello! is anyone with me? is this not one of the best rap albums of all time? i mean its got hit after hit after hit. a beautifully produced album that makes me wanna hop in my '64 chevy impala and cruise the 'hood at 30 - 35 mph "hitting the switches while i get my proper swerve on". not that i have a '64 chevy impala but if i did you best believe this record would be on heavy rotation in that bitch.
not to mention the album cover! can we talk about this (cwtat)?! so classy looking. so simple. look how hard it is:

boof!!! of course we gotta give credit where credit is due. it was actually taken from this:

ride on, dr. dre! i mean if your gonna call your record the chronic, why not make the cover after zig zag rolling papers and replace the french bearded guy with your face? i mean c'mon!
its also pretty incredible to think that this record is almost 20 years old and, although i'm not an avid rap/hip-hop listener by no means, you can still hear its influence in certain songs coming out to this day. the production is very innovative for its time in borrowing beats from late 70's funk and mixing it with original live instrumentation.
although i have no problem playing the record in its entirety, favorite songs of mine include:
let me ride, nuthin' but a "g" thang, lil' ghetto boy, high powered, and bitches ain't shit.
get into it people! if you got this record play it now. if you don't have it go get it and rock it later at full volume. don't be afraid to lean back in your seat and for pete's sake sloooowww'er down. one must chill while the dr. schools you on some gangsta ass shit!!!

ride on, players!!!

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