Saturday, June 27, 2009


we're bloggin' son!!!!

hello all!
i never thought i'd do it but here i am being a hypocrite yet again. i'm not even part of this whole facebook craze yet here i am manning a blog. yikes! next thing you know i'll be posting bulletins and announcements on facebook and myspace. FYI-my bike has a myspace page which means i have a myspace page, who am i kidding?
anyway, this blog will serve as a platform to inform participants of upcoming weekly bike rides of the black sparrow ride club. not only that but i will be posting pics of past rides, thoughts and observations regarding biking (and life in general), reviews of best places to ride your bike, rants on south florida drivers, fortunes i get from fortune cookies, pics and comments of my friend's sweet bikes, delicious eats in the tri-county metropolitan area...basically whatever i feel like and whatever comes to mind. hopefully it will make you laugh, cry, think, ponder, get out and ride or just keep you entertained enough to make this site a part of your daily web surfing experience as you sit at your desk and eat your lunch...after you've checked your facebook and/or myspace accounts that is.
stay tuned for more.

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ride on!!

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